On the 17th January 2017 HRI Digital changed its name to The Digital Humanities Institute | Sheffield.

Why has HRI Digital changed its name?

First, it signals a strategic shift in our mission and activities. HRI Digital has established reputation as a team of digital humanities developers but we want to widen our remit by developing and underpinning a much broader culture of digital research amongst our colleagues, and driving a bottom-up approach to innovation in digital methods.

Second, it offers a distinct identity, separate from the Humanities Research Institute. This should remove the historic confusion over the difference between the HRI and HRI Digital, and permit both institutes to develop their strengths.

Does The Humanities Research Institute (HRI) still exist?

Yes, the Humanities Research Institute still exists!

The HRI is the University of Sheffield's centre for collaborative research in the arts and humanities. HRI Digital was formerly just one aspect of the HRI's work. The HRI also supports cross-disciplinary collaborations by running workshops and networking events, liaising with research centres, hosting visiting fellows, and providing a venue for conferences and seminars. The creation of the Digital Humanities Institute as a distinct identity will also enable the HRI to focus on developing these other important roles further.

Will the DHI still offer the same services?

Yes, the same services will be available: support for proposal development and project management, and technical research and development. These services will continue to be available to colleagues at the University of Sheffield as well as other universities and research organisations in the UK and internationally.

Will the DHI still host online resources?

Yes, the online resources that are currently hosted and maintained by HRI Digital under the name HRI Online will continue to be hosted and maintained with no change of terms. Further, new resources will be hosted and maintained as part of the DHI's overall offer to its research partners. The name HRI Online will be discontinued, but all web addresses will continue to function. For example, citations that use the web address will remain valid.

Any other questions?

Please contact Michael Pidd: