HRI Online is an online publishing service for the innovative, digital outputs of Arts and Humanities research projects.

Publishing with HRI Online gives you:

  1. Use of our ICT professionals during the development and/or deployment of your publication.
  2. Peer-review by subject specialists.
  3. A registered ISBN.
  4. Active marketing alongside the Humanities Research Institute brand.
  5. A commitment from us to maintain your publication for an agreed minimum number of years.

What Do We Publish?

A key feature of our publications is the use of digitised data and analytical tools in order to formulate and investigate research questions which cannot be addressed effectively using conventional methodologies.

For example, it would be impossible to explore the relationship between crime, punishment and social class in seventeenth and eighteenth-century London without the ability to search, retrieve and graphically model the text of 200,000 trials of the Old Bailey Proceedings within the same virtual space.

These publications typically present both the primary evidence and the project’s critical analyses within a framework which enables the wider community to explore and assess the material for themselves, using the same methodologies.

Further, our future publications can include private and collaborative research spaces for bookmarking, annotation and commentary, with the intention of improving the user’s online experience. These features are available on request and tailored to the needs of individual publications.

Publications can originate from research projects within the University of Sheffield or external organisations within the education, cultural, library information and creative sectors. There is no restriction on the provenance of publications; the only criteria are their quality and the contribution that they make to Arts and Humanities research.

Why Publish With Us?

  • All publications are fully peer-reviewed
  • All publications are publicly available for free except in circumstances where a stakeholder specifically requires restricted access to material.
  • Publications are normally developed in collaboration with HRI Digital’sDevelopment Services, although existing publications will be considered subject to an initial setup fee.
  • All publications conform with international standards for text and image delivery, accessibility, and preservation.
  • Publications are actively marketed alongside the Humanities Research Institute brand.

Please note that the use of HRI Digital’s Development Services does not require you to use us as your publisher. We develop resources for other publishers and service providers as well.

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