Dr James O'Sullivan


Digital Humanities Research Associate






I joined the Humanities Research Institute as a Digital Humanities Research Associate in 2016, having previously worked as the Digital Humanities Research Designer at Pennsylvania State University. My role is to support the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in developing and embedding digital humanities research and teaching.

I have a number of ongoing research interests, but my primary focus lies in digital culture and modernity, computational criticism, digital poetics, electronic literature, literary and online games, and science fiction. As the Founding Editor for New Binary Press and Digital Literary Studies, I also have an interest in publishing, both critical and creative.

I am very active within the Digital Arts & Humanities community. In 2014, I was shortlisted for the Fortier Prize for Digital Humanities research. Among several other appointments, I am the current Chair of the DHSI Colloquium at the University of Victoria, a member of the Association for Computers and the Humanities’ Standing Committee on Affiliates, a Communications Fellow of the European Association for Digital Humanities, and an appointed member of the ADHO’s Global Outlook::Digital Humanities Executive.