Tim Wales


Research Associate






Tim Wales has worked extensively on many aspects of the social, cultural and political history of Early Modern England. Most recently he has been a Research Associate on the forthcoming new edition of the letters and speeches of Oliver Cromwell, to be published by Oxford University Press. His own research has explored the history of poor relief and the households of the poor, and he has recently published papers deriving from that work: ‘The parish and the poor in the English Revolution’, in S. Taylor & G. Tapsell, eds., The Nature of the English Revolution Revisited (Boydell Press, 2013), pp. 53-80, and ‘”Living at their own hands”: policing poor households and the young in early modern rural England’, Agicultural History Review 61:1 (2013), pp. 19-39. He has forthcoming in early 2014 a directory of Parliamentarian army officers compiled for the Cromwell Association and to be published on British History Online.’