HRI Digital collaborates with a wide range of partners on research projects in the arts, humanities and heritage domains in which there is an ICT component or a digital output.


What Makes a Good Project?

Typically this might be a project which uses digitised data and analytical tools in order to formulate and investigate research questions which cannot be addressed effectively using conventional methodologies.

For example, it would be impossible to accumulate, compare and trace the process of authorship across six manuscript versions of Froissart’s Chronicles without the ability to present multiple transcriptions and variant collation tools within the same virtual space.

A project will often make its digital outputs publicly available for peer review and wider use alongside traditional media such as a monograph or conference. Digital outputs will typically present both the primary evidence and the project’s critical analyses within a framework which enables the wider community to explore and assess the material for themselves, using the same methodologies.

Who Do We Work With?

HRI Digital provides support and expertise to a wide range of clients from the University of Sheffield, other academic institutions (schools, colleges and universities), libraries, museums, galleries, archives, societies and the creative industries. Approximately 50% of all our projects are lead by academic institutions outside Sheffield.

How Do We Charge?

For grant-funded projects at the proposal stage we can participate as a fully-costed partner or co-investigator using our day-rate which has been agreed with RCUK.  For other projects we can provide our development services on a consultancy or ‘services rendered’ basis. When applying to a research council we generally prefer to participate as a full partner in your project since we believe that ICT, where it is used, should play an integral role within the formulation and exploration of research questions.