Based within the Humanities Research Institute, HRI Digital is able to draw upon 20 years’ experience in conceiving projects and developing funding proposals.

Whether you are applying to a research council or a grant-giving charity, or responding to an invitation to tender, we can assist with the conception and development of your proposal, including the AHRC’s Technical Plan and the ESRC’s Data Management Plan:

1. Assistance with formulating your proposed outline of research and the appropriateness of ICT-based methodologies.

2. Specification of the ICT components of your project, including data development processes and standards; software, hardware and infrastructure requirements; documentation and preservation strategies; and a description of the final, digital output.

3. Assistance with the definition of project management processes, roles and responsibilities.

4. Guidance on project planning, including the identification of tasks, scheduling milestones and integrating technical processes within your research and data workflow.